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  • Waters of New Life

    by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    All it takes is a few years or even months of dry weather before we realize how dependent all of us are on fresh water for life. When California was hit by drought conditions, the whole nation was affected. Because California grows a huge proportion … read more

  • It Doesn't Have to be a Missed Call

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    Just because you’re not in your 20s — or you’re not in perfect health — doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance to discern consecrated life. I talked with Robyn Lee — former managing editor of Catholic Digest &mdash… read more

  • U.S. bishops choose new leaders, receive special message from Pope Francis about Hispanic Catholics

    by Thomas L. McDonald

    BALTIMORE — On the second day of their annual fall meeting, the nation’s Catholic bishops elected new officers, approved the cause of several new potential saints, and received a special message from Pope Francis encouraging them to … read more

  • U.S. Bishops to Trump: Church Supports Immigrants, Refugees

    by Thomas L. McDonald

    BALTIMORE — Less than a week after the conclusion of a divisive presidential election, U.S. Catholic bishops on Monday reaffirmed their support for the nation’s immigrants and refugees in a message to President-elect Donald Trump.    The… read more

  • Confronting Homosexuality in Catholic High School

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q.Recently, a boy at my daughter’s Catholic high school revealed to his lunch table buddies that he is gay. The group was caught off guard, but not surprised. After a few days, the novelty of this news wore off and the general feeling on the part… read more

  • 12 Quotes About Family to Memorize from the Catechism

    by Pat Gohn

    At Catholic Digest, we aim to encourage Catholic families. A new liturgical year begins on Nov. 27 with the First Sunday of Advent. This new season is a great time to begin a new faith-building practice, such as memorizing short portions of the Catechism of the… read more

  • Why Does God Permit Innocent Children to Suffer?

    by Msgr. Stewart Swetland, STD

    DEAR FATHER:  My 4-year-old niece was just diagnosed with cancer, and I am devastated by this news. I find it hard to pray. I feel angry, and I don’t understand why God would allow this to happen. People say God has a plan and he is looking out for … read more

  • The Purpose of Purgatory

    by Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA

    Dear Father, At my friend’s funeral, many people said we should rejoice because my friend was in heaven now with Jesus. Whatever happened to purgatory? Shouldn’t I pray for my friend to go to heaven instead of assuming she is already there? … read more

  • How Can I Know God's Plan for Me?

    by Fr. Roland Guilmain

    Dear Father, Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about discerning God’s will. As a wife and mother, I’m always on the go and don’t seem to have much time for reading. How can we know God’s will for us? Could you help me out … read more

  • Check Your Answers!

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Answer Key: (find the quiz in our October 2015 issue)   Answers 1. The Ten Commandments: 1. I am the Lord your God you shall not have strange gods before me. 2.     You shall not take the name of the Lord your… read more

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