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  • Why St. Dominic loved the Rosary

    by Robert Feeney

    It was said that Jane of Aza was so holy that she shone like the stars on a beautiful night. Born in 1140, Jane lived in a castle in Spain with her husband Felix, a respected member of the rural knighthood. She was a merciful woman, full of compassion … read more

  • Uncover the mysteries of the Holy Grail

    by Sandra Miesel

    What is the Holy Grail? The Holy Grail has come to mean anything desirable and difficult to obtain. The term has even been applied to hockey’s Stanley Cup. Traditionally, of course, the Holy Grail is a vessel used at the Last Supper, either the… read more

  • If I grew up in Nazareth...

    by Julie Rattey

    We don’t have malls in Nazareth where we buy our clothes. In fact, we make our clothes ourselves! Here’s how it works.   First, you need sheep! Then you shear the sheep and collect the wool. Since the wool is full of sand and … read more

  • Why is Easter 50 days long?

    by Dan Connors

    “Michael,” I shouted, “your time’s up! Come out of there!” My frustration was building as I stood in front of the inflated carnival castle filled with small children jumping and bouncing to their hearts’ delight. My… read more

  • The story behind a Communion host

    by Dirk Van Susteren

    When Mother Mary Anselma Felber assigned Sister Mary Agnes to bake the first altar bread for her fledgling Benedictine community, she began a 100-plus year tradition that would one day become her abbey’s major source of income.Sister Mary Agnes… read more

  • Celebrating the Day of the Dead

    by Marialisa Calta

    The trappings may seem ghoulish — skulls made of sugar, toy coffins, bread with the shapes of bones baked on top, dancing skeletons, midnight vigils in graveyards — but the Day of the Dead in Mexico is instead a joyous celebration of the … read more

  • The miracle of Marshfield

    by Traci Neal

    As told by Deacon John SullivanI always had a very strong back. I never any problem and was always very active both in athletics and gardening, but on June 6, 2000, I woke up with severe pain in my lower back and on the back of both of my legs. My wife… read more

  • Discover the secrets of the scapular

    by Karen Edmisten

    Ask your Catholic friends what a scapular is, and you’ll get a variety of responses:“It’s a sacramental that comes with promises.”“You wear it to show devotion to Mary.”“One of those things on strings.”“Doesn&rsquo… read more

  • Who are the angels?

    by Stephen J. Binz

    Science tells us that our eyes can see only a small slice of the total reality that is around us. Other electromagnetic waves are no different from light except that our eyes cannot detect them. Similarly, there are more sounds in the world than can … read more

  • Yule logs, honeybees, and church bells beneath the sea...

    by Traci Neal

    Just what is a “Yule log” anyway? I recently wondered aloud to a group of friends. “I think it’s like a cheese ball,” one friend said. “No, it’s a branch off the Christmas tree,” suggested another.It turns … read more

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