• Advent and ways to pass the time until Christmas

    by Devon Miller

    The countdown to Christmas day, or Advent, is arguably one of the best parts of Christmas. Many of us have fond childhood memories of marking a great big X over a day on the calendar, lighting the candles on an Advent wreath, and participating in any number of Christmas activities. read more

  • Emptying the Stable

    by Sherry Antonetti

    It’s Christmastime! There are only so many shopping days left! Have you put lights on your house yet, sent out cards, and bought sufficient gifts? Do you need something new to wear for the annual Christmas party? Have you planned the meal yet? … read more

  • Jesse Tree Resources

    by Danielle Bean

    WIth all the glitches we have experienced at Faith & Family Live in the past couple of weeks, one of the casualties has been our post featuring the "Jesse Tree Resources" we promised you in the November 2012 … read more

  • Advent: easy, fun, and spiritual ways to celebrate

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Advent is an exciting but busy season. It would be nice to be able to slow down and devote more time to prayer and traditions. However, most of us are busy people – we have work, school, or children with their own busy schedules. It’s hard to find… read more

  • Yule logs, honeybees, and church bells beneath the sea...

    by Traci Neal

    Just what is a “Yule log” anyway? I recently wondered aloud to a group of friends. “I think it’s like a cheese ball,” onefriend said. “No, it’s a branch off the Christmas tree,” suggested another.It turns out that … read more

  • Gertrud Mueller Nelson - writer, artist, mother

    by Kerry Weber

    From her multiple roles as writer, artist, mother, and grandmother, Gertrud Mueller Nelson, 70, has learned the true meaning of patience — a valuable virtue during the Advent season. Today, 20 years after the publication of her classic book about family… read more