Video of Boy Celebrating Mass Goes Viral

Bible museum being built in Washington, D.C.


A vast Bible museum is currently under construction in Washington, D.C., with strong support from the Vatican since its beginning phases, officials for the project said.

The museum will be 430,000 square feet and is expected to open in 2017.

The site is an old refrigeration warehouse from the 1920s. Keeping the red-brick exterior in homage to the historic buildin, the brick facade will reflect scriptural tones with bricks stacked to resemble stacked manuscripts. Much of the museum’s architecture will be a nod to both history and to Scripture.


Video of boy celebrating Mass goes viral

Thousands of people have watched a video of a Brazilian boy’s pretend Mass that his parents posted on Facebook. Rafael Freitas, age three, says he wants to be pope someday. However, he has an aggressive form of cancer.


At the hospital chapel where Rafael attends Mass with his parents, one day the boy asked the chaplain for a peculiar gift: a paten, the small metal plate used at Mass to hold the host. The priest gave him one and also gave him a small tunic and stole made just to fit him.


His father said it was “the best gift” his son could have received. You can find the video on YouTube.


Haircuts for the homeless at the Vatican


As homeless men and women line up under the massive arms of St. Peter’s colonnade waiting to take advantage of the Vatican’s newly-christened showers and barber shop, volunteers who assist them say they are deeply moved by their encounter with a population often rejected by society.


Construction began in November on new showers and bathrooms under the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square.


Officially inaugurated on February 16, the facilities provide the opportunity for homeless individuals to have their hair cut each Monday—a day when barbershops in Italy are traditionally closed—by volunteer barbers. The shower services are offered daily with the exception of Wednesday due to the large crowds that attend the Holy Father’s weekly general audience.

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