Summer Reading for Your Soul and Mind

Looking for something to read this summer? Try one of these:



Meditations on the Rosary and
the Way of the Cross 

(EWTN Publishing)


In the 1970s, a Franciscan nun in a southern monastery wrote three “mini-books” — glorified pamphlets that her sisters cranked out on their own printing presses. One contained Rosary meditations; another, a simple Stations of the Cross; and the third, a collection of short reflections on many topics. These sold like hotcakes and were the beginning of Mother Angelica’s media ministry, which soon became EWTN. Here all three mini-books have been bound into one hardback volume.



Intimate Conversations with Christ 

by Daniel A. Lord, SJ (Christian Classics)


From the 1930s to the 1950s, Daniel Lord, SJ, was as much a Catholic household name as Fulton Sheen. He composed hymns, ran national youth organizations, and was a huge influence on American culture. This collection of letters to Jesus was written after he’d received a cancer diagnosis, although you’d never guess that from reading them. Lord writes movingly about gratitude, joy, dependence on God, the boredom of sin, and the thrill of resurrection. Their message is not in the least outdated, and these letters are a model for intimacy with God.



How We Came To Be One Nation Under God 

by Kevin Seamus Hasson (Image)


The founders of our nation asserted that we are endowed with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by our Creator. That’s very important, says the author, because if we reject God and assert that rights come from the government, it opens a door for the government to revoke them. But what to do when so many voices object that all this “God-talk” amounts to establishing a religion in defiance of the Constitution? The author proposes an interesting solution. Worthwhile reading for Independence Day.



The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner

by Stephanie Calis
(Pauline Books & Media)


As the title suggests, this book is a godsend to every Catholic bride-to-be. From tips on choosing a dress, wording invitations, keeping the reception within budget, and planning a wedding Mass to navigating sexual issues and natural family planning, everything is here. There are even some helpful checklists and planning pages for writing notes. A lovely and practical gift for engaged couples.

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