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Redeemed by Grace

A Catholic Woman’s Journey to Planned Parenthood and Back

by Ramona Trevino with Roxane B. Salonen  (Ignatius Press)

Ramona Trevino was pregnant at 16 and entered into a marriage with an abusive husband. Later she divorced and struggled to build a decent life for herself and her daughter. Things began to look up when she married a good man and found a steady job where she believed she would be helping young women who were in similar situations to hers. Although the Planned Parenthood office she managed did not do abortions, Ramona nevertheless became uneasy when she saw firsthand that simply handing out contraceptives to unmarried women did little to solve their deeper problems. Under the influence of Catholic radio programs and the prayerful support of 40 Days for Life, Ramona made a journey of conscience out of Planned Parenthood.


A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac

Cultivating Your Faith Throughout the Year

by Margaret Rose Realy (Ave Maria Press)

Here is a unique book for anyone who loves their faith and loves to make things grow. Each chapter ties together practical gardening advice with spiritual advice. It includes stories about various “saints for gardeners” and ideas for adding Catholic symbolism to gardens. The seasons of nature and the seasons of the liturgy are happily combined in this one-of-a-kind garden guide.


Miracle Man

by Judy Landrieu Klein (Memorare Minstries)

Judy Klein loved her husband, Bernie, but her faith was tested when a massive heart attack kept Bernie teetering between life and death for weeks. Her gripping memoir describes her inner turmoil and fervent campaign of prayer during that time. The results were a “near-death experience” for Bernie, as well as his conversion from anger and skepticism to a complete trust in the loving heart of Jesus. This intensely personal story is difficult to put down.


Heart of a Lion

A Story of God’s Grace and a Family’s Hope

by Derek and John Paul George (Liguori)

Here’s another memoir of heart disease and miraculous recovery. This time the subject is a baby—John Paul George, whose father tells about the pain, the hope, and the miracle of his son’s life. Although the baby who was not supposed to live is now a young adult, the story of his faith and courage does not end. John Paul—who wrote the final chapters of the book—will never grow to adult size and appearance due to a rare side effect of surgery. His acceptance of his disability and his desire to someday become a priest will move and inspire readers dealing with any long-term cross.

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