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  • Gifts, Offerings, and Sacrifice

    by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Part of the magic of Christmas is giving and receiving gifts. The presents might be simple, homemade, and practical or expensive and luxurious, but they represent the love we have for one another. To put it simply, we give treasures to the ones we treasure.   … read more

  • Plant a Sacred Heart of Jesus Garden

    by Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB

    Have you ever uncovered an amazing story behind a devotion you grew up with, one that was an unquestioned part of your prayer life? As you matured in faith, did you discover a particular devotion and wonder at its growth and integration in our Church… read more

  • Christmas décor, Catholic style

    by Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB

    There are many beautiful Christmas traditions that stir us to a deeper appreciation of this holy season. Candles and colored lights awaken our senses and remind us of the Light of Christ entering the world. The scents of holiday cooking fill our homes and… read more

  • The Shroud of Turin

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    The Catholic Digest Shroud of Turin and Shrines of Italy Tour highlights one of the most famous and controversial artifacts in Catholic history. The priceless linen cloth holds the image of a crucified man who is believed to be Jesus. The first known… read more

  • The Pope's Favorite Marian Devotion

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    In 2009, I was introduced to the Marian devotion of Our Lady Undoer of Knots when I was given an assignment to write about this little-known devotion. Discovering Our Lady Undoer of Knots was the answer to a prayer I had to made for help in mending a… read more

  • Saints of New Orleans

    by George Gurtner

    Since the Vatican canonized the first saint from America — St. Elizabeth Ann Seton — an inordinate number of saints (and near saints) have been born in or became famous for their work in New Orleans or Louisiana. With this issue, Catholic… read more

  • Mysteries of the Eucharist (part 2)

    by Steve Mueller

    Why do we call this eucharistic presence “real”? The word real comes from a Latin word, res, which means thing. So to identify this presence as real — or “thinglike” — is meant to convey the sense that it is the presence… read more

  • Mysteries of the Eucharist (part 1)

    by Steve Mueller

    What do we mean by “presence”?   In its most general sense, presence means being with another. We all experience presence in several familiar ways. It might be local, when we are in the same physical place as another. It can also be temporal… read more

  • The monks, the monastery, and the missal

    by Dan Connors

    A long time ago — more than 1,350 years, actually — the monastery of Melrose stood at a bend in the River Tweed, in the border region between England and Scotland. And in that monastery one day, its revered abbot, Eata, knelt in prayer, wrestling with a… read more

  • Giving 101: 5 crucial questions for Catholics

    by Dan Conway

    *The following is an excerpt from the article "13 Crucial Questions for Catholics" that appeared in the October 2010 issue of Catholic Digest.   1. How do I know if the cause I’m donating to is reputable, efficient, and not using money toward… read more

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